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Tag: content marketing

What Is Evergreen Content? How To Create Content That Lasts

There’s a significant possibility you’re missing out on crucial search traffic if you’re not leveraging evergreen content to promote continual growth.

There’s no questioning the significance of content in your SEO strategy; it’s been validated as one of Google’s top three ranking factors, alongside backlinks and RankBrain.

However, not all sorts of content may contribute to success in the same manner when it comes to driving organic search growth.

~ What is Evergreen Content?

The topics that evergreen content covers have a constant level of sustained interest, and they do not experience significant seasonable peaks and troughs in demand.

Whatever the news, whatever the time of year, there are always people wanting to consume content around these topics. The information contained in evergreen content pieces is always fresh for readers who are looking to answer a question or learn more.

Evergreen refers to a topic that has a constant degree of interest. Evergreen content can become a powerhouse that generates continued growth with every article you post if you use it correctly as part of your SEO strategy.

~ What Kind of Content Doesn’t Last?

There is often misunderstanding about what constitutes evergreen content and what does not, and it is critical to define the type of material you need to produce in order to achieve success when developing a content strategy.

If a piece of content is expected to see a decline in interest and relevance after a set timeframe (let’s say after an event has finished or a holiday season has ended), then it is not evergreen.

~ Popular Evergreen Content Formats

We have looked at what isn’t evergreen content.

So then, what is?

The most popular content formats that fall into this category include:

How-To Guides, Listicles, Top Tips, Product Reviews, Informational Long-Form Guides, Pillar Pages, Video, Interviews, Buying, Guides, Glossaries, FAQs, Case Studies

It’s crucial to remember that evergreen content can come in a variety of formats, each of which can serve a different purpose as part of a larger plan.

~ The Importance of Evergreen Content for SEO

Evergreen content can help you to implement a strategy that ranks for competitive keywords on the SERPs and earns sustained traffic.

It takes time to rank a piece of content on the SERPs. Great content on its own is rarely enough to hit top rankings (unless we are talking long-tail topics or a very authoritative brand who is publishing the content).